KXCR: Official Rules

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Chapter 1: Registration, KXCR Membership
  • Chapter 2: Race Course and Racer Information
  • Chapter 3: General
  • Chapter 4: Racer Eligibility, and Classifications
  • Chapter 5: Equipment and Apparel Requirements and Restrictions
  • Chapter 6: Rider Meeting & Start
  • Chapter 7: Scoring
  • Chapter 8: Finish
  • Chapter 9: Results and Protests
  • Chapter 10: Series/Race Awards, Points, and Banquets
  • Chapter 11: Violations and Penalties
  • Chapter 12: Medical Insurance


Kentucky XC Racing is a Limited Liability Corporation assembled for the enjoyment of the racers. The purpose of KXCR, LLC is to promote, facilitate, and guide off-road racing in Kentucky through professional well organized and fair racing events.

The following outlines the Official Rules that will govern the Kentucky XC Racing Series. These rules are only applicable to KXCR, LLC events and races. Any and all inquiries, questions, comments, or concerns please send email to info@K-XCR.com


  • “Amateur” events: Race classes with no cash payout.
  • ATV: An All-Terrain Vehicle: Only 4 wheeled ATVs are permitted, no 3 wheelers are
    permitted to race.
  • Event: Any single race with a start and finish to include pro, amateur, youth and fun
  • E-Mail subscription: The KXCR announcement email list is comprised of past racers
    and signups through our website (www.k-xcr.com) or through direct requests to
  • Rider: Anyone who registers for the event with the intent to race.
  • Rules Committee: The rule committee may be comprised of 1-4 members appointed by
    the race director, to include the race director. The members of the committee will be
    well versed and knowledgeable on the rules and facts of this series
  • Season: The time-frame between the date of the first race and the last race

Chapter 1: Registration, KXCR Membership

You will receive everything you need to race at registration. Items include your back helmet sticker, side number stickers, transponder. Riders under 18 must have minor or approved release forms signed to race. All racers and spectators must sign the event waiver. Only Transponders, ““E550000xxxxx” Event Scoring System transponders are permitted. They must be labeled with Kentucky XC Racing. You may still have other transponders on your helmet or machine.

Online Registration
Online registration will be announced prior to each event via social media and our email list. Check our website for updates. Registering online will be the easiest way and guarantee a smooth race day. Online pre-registration will be on our website.

Race Day Registration
There are three easy steps to getting registered to race with KXCR. You must be registered more than 45 minutes prior to your race start time.

  • Step 1: Complete the race entry form and rider waiver
  • Step 2: Once completed, take to the registration window. There they can answer questions and get you entered into your class. There you will receive everything you need to race.
  • Step 3: Take the stickers received from registration and place them on your helmet. The solid colored sticker goes on the back in plain sight and unobstructed. The RFID transponder goes under the visor. The number stickers go on each side of the cheek area of your helmet
  • Step 4: You are registered. Now get ready to get to the starting line early!

KXCR Membership
The KXCR Membership is an opportunity to support KXCR in bringing premier woods racing to Kentucky, it also gives some great perks. The KXCR Series Membership is optional but highly encouraged. Included with the membership you receive: personal membership card, one free race entry, $5 off all race entries, KXCR Shirt/Decal/Koozie, small name/number kit, and more.

Chapter 2: Race Course and Racer Information

No racer may pre-ride the race course in any form on any motorized unit. The course will be open for inspection on Saturday and before up to 30 minutes before the event start

During a racing event the only individuals permitted on the course are registered racers, race officials, and track sweepers. No one except for KXCR officials can make changes to the course. Any changes to the course are strictly prohibited. Only KXCR officials can make course alterations. KXCR courses will vary from location in terrain and length. The general length for each event is below. Generally, all courses may include handmade trails, roads, logging roads, singletrack, motocross tracks, enduro sections (optional), any any terrain which can be reasonably traversed by a bike or an ATV.

Course Marking – Arrows

Arrow Color
Background Color
Adult Bike & ATV
Youth Bike & ATV
Intermediate Youth Bike

Event Start Times

Race Class:
Intermediate Youth Bike (8:00AM)
30 Minutes (1-2+ Miles)
Youth Bike (9:00AM)
60 Minutes (2-5+ Miles)
Youth ATV (1:30PM)
45 Minutes (2-5+ Miles)
Adult ATV (3:00PM)
90 Minutes (7-15+ Miles)

Class Entry Fees:

  • Pro Bike/ATV – $65.00
  • Amateur Adult Bike/ATV: $35.00
  • Youth Bike/ATV: $25.00

Chapter 3: General

  1. Inclement weather: The weather conditions will be routinely checked to offer needed
    changes and announcements to racers and spectators. The main form of announcements will be made on our website, subscription email blast, and on social media platforms. In the event of inclement weather it may be necessary to alter the schedule or event in some fashion. All changes will be made known to all racers and spectators in as timely manner as possible. In the event of a delay, all means necessary will be used to resume the event schedule.
  2. Primary communication to riders will be through our website. Secondarily we will make post updates to social media platforms and through the subscribed email list.
  3. All riders, spectatores and race personnel must assess the course for themselves of
    existing conditions and any/all matters related to safety.
  4. All racers are responsible for that of their fans, pit crew, family, etc. Any trouble caused
    by racers responsible party puts the racer at risk for race penalties.
  5. KXCR, LLC DOES NOT OFFER OR PROVIDE MEDICAL INSURANCE. RIDERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO OBTAIN THEIR OWN MEDICAL INSURANCE. It is the sole responsibility of the racer to insure their own medical coverage and liability.
  6. Gate Fee and Race Fee: The gate fees will be advertised prior to the race but generally, $15 for the weekend or less with 6 and under free.
  7. A racer is only permitted to race one machine during any single day event. Any racer who changes machines during a race will be disqualified.
  8. Any rider may only race one class and one event per weekend event unless otherwise posted.
  9. No Riders may pre-ride any section of the course on a motorized vehicle.
  10. Anyone who has ridden any section of the course may be disqualified and prevented from competing in the race.
  11. Spectators are not allowed on any area of the race track.
  12. Only riders racing in the current race are permitted on the track on Sundays. Course preview is Saturday only! Any riders found on the track outside of the racing events may be disqualified.
  13. When double arrows are posted pointing toward each other that signals the limits of the course. Racers are not permitted to go on the opposite side of the double pointed arrows. Stay within the limits of the course to avoid possible disqualification.
  14. The course is marked with contrasting colored arrows pointing the direction of the course ahead, high visibility marking tape, barriers both man made and natural, and by other means necessary to mark the course for racers. Any rider who damages, tears down, removes marking material is subject to penalties up to disqualification. Riders must maintain control of their machines at all times and exercise extreme caution to stay within the confines of the course and its markings. Any destruction of the course can severely affect the racing for that race and other riders. If a rider tears down any marking
    tape, that rider must repair the tape before proceeding on with the race. If a rider does not the rider may be penalized or disqualified at the discretion of the race director.
  15. Slower riders will allow faster riders the opportunity to pass at the first best safe location. Ride in control, do not rush, and make good line choices. The faster rider will be ready and quick to make the pass at the safest spot for BOTH riders.
  16. Any unsportsmanlike conduct to include fighting, threats, yelling, aggression or violence will not be tolerated. Anyone who commits such acts, at the discretion of the Race Director could be asked to leave, disqualified from the series, and points removed. Display the Golden Rule at all times at all KXCR events. Be Kind.
  17. In the event of a bottleneck the rider may leave and re-enter the course in the quickest and shortest route possible. The rider is to re-enter the course without damaging the course markings or tape. On the next lap if there is no bottleneck the rider must stay with the confines of the race track.
  18. All riders must remain on the marked track at all times. Cheating by cutting corners and/or taking lines outside of the marked track will not be tolerated. Any track cutting is grounds for penalties up to race disqualification. The course is defined as extending a 7 maximum of 20’ to the left and right of course marking arrows. Except for TAPE marked areas and Double Arrow postings.
  19. PIT RIDING IS NOT ALLOWED AT ANY EVENT. HELMETS AND PROTECTIVE GEAR MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN OPERATING ANY MACHINE. Pit riding is defined as any type of riding other than rider transport to and from the start and finish. Anyone caught riding outside of to and from start/finish can be penalized up to disqualification from the race and points taken from the series. All riding is to be done on the race course during your race. Any transportation by riders on machines must be in 1st gear under 5mph with helmet and protective gear worn.
  20. All race times are based on the projected finish time of the leader. Minimum 120 minutes of racing for the leader, longer for everyone who follows.
  21. Team racing tactics during the race will not be tolerated. Any efforts made during the race by riders to make a team and block or impede a rider may lead to penalties up to race disqualification.

Chapter 4: Racer Eligibility & Classifications

Race Class Options
All events will have the same class options listed below. The class list will be displayed at registration at all events and on our website. There are options for youth and adult atv and bike. The first row options are the Pro level expert riders who are the fastest and less advance riders
descending in each row.

Adult Bike
Youth Bike
Intermediate Youth Bike
Adult ATV
Youth ATV
Super Mini (7-15)
Junior C (4-9)
Super Mini MOD (12-15)
Open A
Super Mini Girl (7-15)
Pee-Wee (6-8)
Open A
Super Mini (12-15)
Light A
Junior A (7-13)
Pee Wee (4-6)
Open A 4×4
Super Mini Girls (8-15)
Vet A 30+
Junior B (7-13)
Vet A 30+
Junior (12-15)
Senior A 40+
Trail Rider (7-15)
Senior A 40+
Mini Modified (8-15)
Masters A 50+
Schoolboy (13-17)
Mini Limited (8-12)
Open B
Open B
Mini Stock (8-12)
Light B
Open B 4×4
Trail Rider
Vet B 30+
Masters 50+
Senior B 40+
Masters 50+
Masters B 50+
Senior B 40+
Golden Masters 60+
Open C
Vet C 30+
Open C
Open C 4×4
Light C
Farm Boy (Racks Req)
Vet C 30+
Senior C 40+
Trail Rider
Trail Rider

Engine Size Restrictions

  • “Open” classes allow any engine size over 122cc unless prior authorization by race official.
  • “Light” classes are for 2 stroke engine size (80cc-125cc) 4 stroke engine size (125cc-250cc)

Age Restrictions
Age is determined by the oldest you will be in that series year. Ex. 30th birthday on Dec 31st is eligible for the Vet Class.

  • Vet (30 and over, no age limit)
  • Senior (40 and over, no age limit)
  • Masters (50 and over, no age limit)
  • Golden Masters ( 60 and over, no age limit)

Age limits are dictated on the above table in parentheses. Age is as of the last day of the year of the series.

Class Protest, Promotion/Demotion and Advancement

Protest Procedure
Any and all racer class protests will be handled by a KXCR Race Official for an official ruling. Please locate a race official, email or write KXCR with any protests. KXCR decisions on racer class and other official protests will be binding for the entire season

Forced Promotion
All racers are encouraged to evaluate their skill level and compete in the class appropriate for their ability. “Sandbagging” will not be tolerated and KXCR reserves the right to promote any racer based on the below criteria. Riders competing in less than 6 events will not be required to advance.

Youth Classes
Reserved for youth aged 15 and under. Age is determined by the oldest age in the race season year.

Promotion from “Novice” to “C Class”
Any racer winning an award in this class by a margin more than 10 minutes will automatically be moved to the “C Class” for the next event. Any racer over the age of 16 winning 2 first place awards will automatically be moved to the “C Class” for the next event. The top 3 class winners in Novice Class for the season will be promoted to C Class for the next season. KXCR Officials may advance a rider at their sole discretion if the rider is found to be competing
in a level inconsistent with their skill level.

Promotion from “C Class” to “B Class”
The top 2 class winners in C Class for the season will be promoted to B Class for the next season. KXCR Officials may advance a rider at their sole discretion if the rider is found to be competing in a level inconsistent with their skill level.

Promotion from “C Class” to “B Class”
The top 2 class winners in C Class for the season will be promoted to B Class for the next season. KXCR Officials may advance a rider at their sole discretion if the rider is found to be competing in a level inconsistent with their skill level.

Promotion From “B Class” to “A Class”
The top 2 class winners in B Class for the season will be promoted to A Class for the next season. KXCR Officials may advance a rider at their sole discretion if the rider is found to be competing in a level inconsistent with their skill level.

Promotion from “A Class” to “Pro Class”
The top 2 class winners in A Class for the season will be promoted to the Pro Class for the next season. If a rider does not wish to advance a letter of reasoning must be sent to KXCR for review prior to the next event.

In the event a racer enters into the wrong class and is unable to compete at that level. A one time class adjustment will be permitted. If the rider is advanced by the rules above a demotion is not authorized unless written supporting reasons are submitted to KXCR for review and final determination. Once a racer advances from the Beginner class to C class this movement is permanent.

Chapter 5: Equipment & Apparel Requirements/Restrictions

Off-road racing is inherently dangerous and proper safety precautions must be taken. It is in the best interest and safety of all, that these rules exist. In order for all race events to run smoothly and safely all requirements and restrictions must be followed by all racers and spectators at the event.

Race machines must have silencers. Race officials can check and penalize if necessary any racer. Racers machines cannot exceed a sound level of 99 decibels. All machines must have a working kill switch. Racers must have long sleeve shirt or jersey, full face DOT helmet, long pants, eye protection, above the ankle race boots. Any rider competing without the minimum equipment may not compete and may be disqualified if you do. Safety is our number one concern and racers must exercise extreme caution on the course and with their gear choices.

It is the racers sole responsibility to ensure the riding and safety gear is properly fitted and adequately safe.

Chapter 6: Riders Meeting & Start

A riders meeting will be held at the start 5-10 minutes before the race starts. The race director or his appointed will cover any race track information to include course lengths, cautions on the track, and general information about the race and our sponsors. The riders meeting is mandatory and penalties may be imposed if a racer fails to attend the riders meeting. Important information about the track must be communicated to the riders for safety.

Be at the start early and ready. You may position your bike on the start anytime prior to 30 mins to your race start time.

All races with the exception of the intermediate youth will be dead engine starts. Once the first row leaves the line all rows MUST KILL THEIR ENGINES so the next row can prepare to start.

The start will be marked with KXCR Flags, Row Numbers, and sponsor banners. The class starting order is the number of your class as matched to your helmet number. All riders are to align at right angles to the row sings. Some starts may feature paint on the ground as a starting line. Riders are to line up in the correct row, failure to do so could result in a penalty up to a loss of 1 lap.

The starter will be located in plain sight with large flags of red, yellow, and green. The green flag will be used to start the event. The red and yellow flags waived together indicate KILL ENGINES the race is about to start or the next row is about to start. All Engines must be killed prior to the start of each row. Classes will start 15-45 seconds apart. The flagger will put the green flag on the ground, after 2-10 seconds the flagger will raise the flag signaling the the start of the race for the front row and racers will take off. Rows to the rear can also start their engines but they must not leave the line or throw roost.

Event Start Times
Race Lengths and time – all times EST unless otherwise announced. The length of each race course will vary from location to location. In general the following guidelines will be used.

Race Class:
Intermediate Youth Bike (8:00AM)
30 Minutes (1-2+ Miles)
Youth Bike (9:00AM)
60 Minutes (2-5+ Miles)
Youth ATV (1:30PM)
45 Minutes (2-5+ Miles)
Adult ATV (3:00PM)
90 Minutes (7-15+ Miles)

Chapter 7: Scoring

Kentucky XC Racing uses the same software system as GNCC. We however use a more economical in cost RFID sticker transponder you apply under the visor of your helmet. Event Scoring System Transponders with Kentucky XC Racing and “E5500000XXXX” . They will be $10 and good all year for one helmet or one is included with a KXCR Membership.

Riders must slow from the area marked with orange PVC paint, this is a no passing zone. Riders are required to come to a complete stop. It is the riders responsibility to be scored and make sure his transponder is read and number manually scored. Riders should state their number when coming through scoring as well as looking straight forward so the cheek number can be read. Only report emergencies to the scoring staff in a timely manner. Riders must clear the tent as safely but quickly as possible as not to cause bottlenecks. Once you are scored you will hear a loud audible ring. If you hear the beep once you approach please exit as quickly as safely possible – race on!

Riders are not allowed to pit within 300 yards of the scoring area.

Chapter 8: Finish

The finish will be located at the scoring. The white flag will signal the final lap. The flag will be displayed on a post at the scoring tent in plain sight. The final lap will be calculated with respect to when the leader will cross the finish at the allotted race time. Once the leader comes back through after the final lap the checkered flag will be waived and the race is over. Riders are required to exit the course and not continue for any additional lap. Track sweeps will be clearing the course for the next event. The race scoring will enfd30 minutes after the leader comes through the finish.

Chapter 9: Results & Protest

Race results will be posted 30-45 minutes after the last racer crosses the finish line. All spectator displayed scoring is unofficial. With the active RFID system adjustments are made real time. You may notice changes being made on the screen in real time. Once the results are posted no racer may remove the results from their posted location.

The protest period will be for 30 minutes after the results are posted. If there are no protests this time may be reduced and awards given to winners. No rider protest will be accepted after the protest period. Once the protest period is over results are official and awards will be given to the racers. The scoring personnel and race officials have the authorization to disqualify or impose racers with penalties as a result of a protest or at their own discretion as it relates to these rules.

The protest procedure is to inform a scoring personnel of the violation. No rider protest will be accepted prior to the race end or after the 30 minute protest window following the end of the race. Rider classification protest must be sent to KXCR via email to info@k-xcr.com

Chapter 10: Series/Race Awards, Points & Banquet

All top 3 in class and top 3 overall will receive a trophy or plaque. All awards will be presented after the protest period. In the event of any scoring issues the results will be posted within 48-72 hours and awards would be available at the next race. Our scoring system is top notch and we have it dialed in. You can count on consistent, accurate, and timely scoring from Kentucky XC Racing.

The pro payout will vary from event to event. All information will be shared via email to our subscribed members to include social media. The Pro Class is the only class that receives a cash reward.

All points will be calculated by KXCR for the series and results for each round will be posted on the website. Points acquired by racers are only for that race class. Racers can move to a faster class but their points will not transfer. Racers must race a total of 5 out of a 9-11 race schedule to qualify for series awards. KXCR can add or remove races at its discretion for any reason with or without cause. Typically, 30 days notice will be given for any additions or removals to the schedule or number of race qualification requirements.  Points will begin accumulating at the first race the rider enters. The winner will be determined by the racer with the most points for 5 events.

Every racer that attended Rd 1 at Russell Creek 2020 will receive one (1) point for both class and overall results. 

Season Class Points

Class Points
1st = 21
2nd = 19
3rd = 18
4th = 17
5th = 16
6th = 15
7th = 14
8th = 13
9th = 12
10th = 11
11th = 10
12th = 9
13th = 8
14th = 7
15th = 6
16th = 5
17th = 4
18th = 3
19th = 2
20th = 1

Season Overall Points

Overall Points
1st = 300
2nd = 299
3rd = 298
4th = 297
5th = 296
6th = 295
7th = 294
8th = 293
9th = 292
10th = 291

Remaining positions from 11th on receive one less point per place. One lap must be completed and scored to receive overall points for that round

Every racer that attended Rd 1 of Russell Creek 2020 will receive one (1) point for both class and overall results.

Chapter 11: Violations & Penalties

The race director, race official, or their appointed may impose penalties up to series disqualification. Penalties of loss in points is the most common. Please read the rules in their entirety and make sure you understand them. Ask questions if you do not.

The following is a non-inclusive list of possible infractions.

  • Cutting the course in any way outside of the allotted 20′ within the arrows
  • Any act of gaining an unfair advantage
  • Failing to attend riders meeting
  • Causing a race to be stopped
  • Providing misleading or false information to race personnel including registration
  • Engaging in any form of attack or physical assault
  • Riding a machine not alloted for the class which the racer registered
  • Riding in a uncontrollable manner that could endanger others
  • Not listening to course and race officials instructions
  • Exiting the course and entering in a further location along the track

Chapter 12: Medical Insurance

WARNING: Motor vehicle mishaps, in competition or otherwise, can result in injury or death to racers and spectators, never turn your back to racers during a race event. Motor vehicles should never be used by minors without parental consent and/or supervision. KXCR, d.b.a. Kentucky XC Racing, does not test the skill of individual participants in amateur or youth events, nor do they license amateur or youth competitors or judge rider competence. Participants (and Legal Guardians) are solely responsible for their own safety. Be aware that motor sports are inherently dangerous. Neither KXCR nor the promoter will test the skill of individual participants or inspect the condition of their motorcycles. Parents or legal guardians must remain present at all times and are solely responsible for the condition of their child’s motorcycle and their competence to operate them. The promoter does not provide medical insurance coverage. If you have doubts about you or your child’s personal abilities to participate in this event or if you believe your personal insurance coverage is not adequate to compensate you for any injury or loss that might occur, do not to enter you or your child in this event.