KXCR Training Facility @ The Holler

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a KXCR Series Member and access the Training Facility at “The

To become a member is simple. All you will need to do is follow this link Click Here to Become a Member and complete the registration process. 

Membership signup is on a first come first serve basis. There will be a cap imposed on membership access to the property. Once the cap is met the membership for new
members will not include access to the property and the price will be reduced.

When and how can we access the property?

With your membership package you will receive a card reader to open the electronic gate and gain access to the property. One card is included with every primary
membership. If lost, a replacement card will be issued for $25.

The property will open and membership access will be open from March 1st through March 1st every year.

What is the cost of membership?

A single rider membership is $350 per year. There is no initiation fee at this time. You can add one spouse and there is no limit to the number of dependents. A dependent is classified as a young rider under 25 years old that resides in the same household as the primary member. The cost per Family Member Add-On Membership is $150 each per year.

Are dirt bikes only allowed?

Yes. Only two wheels are permitted in The Holler. There are to be no 4wheelers or side by sides on the property. The only exception is for KXCR Staff to complete trail maintenance as necessary. Volunteers performing trail maintenance in at the guidance of a KXCR Staff member may be allowed access on a case by case basis. Please ask before performing trail maintenance or bringing any other type of vehicle onto the property.

Is camping allowed on the property?

Yes. You must respect the property and pack out any trash. Quite hours are dusk to dawn. No partying or loud music. Any failure to follow the rules will result in possible expulsion from the property.

Can anyone ride at “The Holler”?

Members are allowed unlimited guests. The guest must sign the waiver online and pay the $30 day pass fee. On weekends The Holler is hosting an event the property is open to the public.

Where can I review the rules for members at the KXCR Training Facility @ The Holler?

Click Here to view the Member Rules PDF

How many acres and what is offered on the property?

The property is approximately 1700 acres and sits behind an eclectic gated fence and offers every type of cross country terrain you can expect in Kentucky. The property is covered with large trees, rocks, big hills, open trails and tight trails. The terrain is simply beautiful. There is a varying change in terrain with over 800’ of elevation difference on the property. The property offers approximately 30 miles of trails which will grow to 60+ miles this year. Our goal is to create a vast variety of trails in a manner that crosses trails as minimally as possible. All new trail creations will consist of beginners to advanced single track. An endurocross track is currently being built and designed, water and electric line ditches are currently being dug for the RV hookup sights and cabin rentals. New fences are being constructed and a low water bridge is being built to cross the creek in the middle of the property. We intend to build a turn track and motocross track as time and funding allows. The more members the more amenities we will be able to offer. 

Check out these YouTube videos that preview some of the trails. There are trails for everyone. These videos are onboard during a KXCR Race Event. The KXCR Training Facility is open to all riders at any skill level.